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More praise for Inscribe's latest publication

"Opening a short story anthology, there is often something to delight, something to surprise. There is also often something clever, self-indulgent, that speaks of a writer's skill but limited experience of life. Jacob Ross's careful selection of stories from black British writers restores a sense of connection with the detail of human fragility in our fragmented contemporary culture; with narrative, with the spirit. With the subtle, sometimes unconscious, responses of these writers to what Britishness means.

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Call for Submissions 'Filigree' poetry anthology

Inscribe Series Editor, Kadija Sesay and internationally renowned and award winning poet Nii Ayikwei Parkes are looking for submissions for a new anthology of contemporary Black British poetry. The theme they have chosen for this exciting new anthology is ‘Filigree’.

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London Short Story Festival 2015

by Jocelyn Watson

Thanks to Inscribe and the London Short Story Festival Free Ticket Scheme I was able to attend what was an inspiring and encouraging event with short story writers from all over the world, reading their work, sharing their ideas and skills and debating the role of the short story in literary fiction today.

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Seni Seneviratne at the Poetry Pavilion (plus enter poetry prize)

Inscribe alumni Seni Seneviratne will be appearing at next week's Poetry Pavilion at The London Book Fair.

Organised by Inpress, which supports independent publishers across the UK, the Poetry Pavilion showcases the very best of contemporary poetry.

You'll also be pleased to know that this year is also the first ever Inpress / The London Book Fair Poetry prize, which includes a prize of £20 in book tokens and a bottle of bubbly for the top three entries.

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SI Prize Winner – Mahsuda Snaith

The 2014 winner of the SI Leeds Prize was announced at the Ikley Festival on 15 October. We are ecstatic for Mahsuda Snaith (an Inscribe-supported writer), who took first prize for her novel manuscript, The Constellation of Marianne Ravine Roy.

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Another Crossing, Khadijah Ibrahiim’s debut full collection

We are delighted and excited! In October we’ll be celebrating with Inscribe writer Khadijah Ibrahiim the launch of her long-awaited poetry collection, Another Crossing. Khadijah is of Jamaican parentage, born in Leeds. She is a poet, published writer, the Artistic Director of Leeds Young Authors & the Producer of Voices of a New Generation Youth Poetry Slam Festival. Hailed as one of Yorkshire’s ‘most prolific’ poets by BBC Radio.

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Afshan Lodhi’s list of things every writer should think about when trying to promote themselves…

by Afshan Lodhi

After attending the London Book Fair with Inscribe in April – seeing all the different publishers, writers and writing organisations – I was inspired to write about the one thing every writer wanted to know: how to promote yourself as a writer.

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Inscribe Writers Kick Off 2013 with a Bang!

Inscribe members have been very busy already this year.

Zodwa Nyoni's play 'Di Daarkes' Part a Di Night' was featured at the New Stages festival at the University of Leeds. Not content with having her work performed, Zodwa also co-directed the play with Joe Williams, and was Committee Chair at the festival.

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