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Filigree: Contemporary Black British Poetry

Edited by Nii Ayikwei Parkes and with a foreword by Professor Dorothy Wang. Filigree is published under the INSCRIBE imprint, managed by Kadija Sesay.


Various Authors (Anthologies)
Inscribe, Anthologies, Poetry
Date published
1 Nov 2018

Filigree typically refers to the finer elements of craftwork, the parts that are subtle; our 'Filigree' anthology contains work that plays with the possibilities that the word suggests, work that is delicate, that responds to the idea of edging, to a comment on the marginalisation of the darker voice. Filigree includes work from established Black British poets residing inside and outside the UK; new and younger emerging voices of Black Britain and Black poets who have made it their home as well as a selection of the Inscribe poets who we have nurtured and continue to support. They have all responded in compelling ways to the concept of 'Filigree'. 

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Various Authors (Anthologies)

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