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Caribbean Modern Classics
12 June 2008 - Jeremy Poynting
For quite some time we’ve been thinking about launching a series of classic reprints: Caribbean Modern Classics is the result.
The River's Song by Jaqueline Bishop
When Olive Senior says this about a book, you know you're in for something special
"I LOVE The River’s Song! It was so hard to put it down! Gloria’s coming-of-age story is warm and true and bittersweet. Hers is no wide bridge over the river but a rocky path to womanhood, to friendships made and lost and to the knowledge that love also requires navigation. The River’s Song is a song we’ve all heard before, but never with such force and clarity as this."
15 September 2005 - Jeremy Poynting
Peepal Tree's Guyana: AN OVERVIEW
The Caribbean Short Story
21 March 2003 - Jeremy Poynting, Managing Editor
The short story: An endangered species? Not at Peepal Tree Press! With the launch of three new short story collections, it seemed like a good idea to make our first feature a survey of the anglophone Caribbean short story
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