Place of birth
St Lucia
Place of residence
United States of America
National identity
St Lucia

Garth St. Omer

Short biography
Garth St Omer was born in Castries, St Lucia in 1931.

During the earlier 1950s St Omer was part of a group of artists in St Lucia including Roderick and Derek Walcott and the artist Dunstan St Omer. In 1956 Garth St Omer studied French and Spanish at UWI in Jamaica. During the 1960s he travelled widely, including years spent teaching in Ghana. His first publication, the novella, Syrop, appeared in 1964, followed by A Room on the Hill (1968), Shades of Grey (1968), Nor Any Country (1969) and J-, Black Bam and the Masqueraders in 1972. In the 1970s he moved to the USA, where he completed a doctoral thesis at Princeton University in 1975. Until his retirement as Emeritus Professor, he taught at the University of Santa Barbara in California.