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Lloyd Brown

Short biography
Lloyd Brown was born in Jamaica. He graduated from the University of the West Indies and emigrated to Canada where he did graduate work and taught before moving to the United States. He was Professor of Comparative Literature at the University of Southern California for many years before his recent retirement.

He has written a book on Jane Austen’s fiction, edited a collection of essays, The Black Writer in Africa and the Americas (1973) and the pioneering West Indian Poetry (1978, 1984), the first such survey in this field, which focuses on the work of McKay, Walcott and Brathwaite. He has written numerous articles for European, North American and Caribbean journals. 

His poetry, first published in the collection, Duppies (Peepal Tree, 1996) attests to the continuing power of Jamaican memory in his being. For him the stubborn persistence of the folk world of his rural childhood represent not only a line of spiritual continuity, but a last line of defence against the homogenising sweep of American cultural imperialism.