Place of residence
United Kingdom

Lynne Macedo

Short biography
Lynne Macedo is a lecturer in the Department of History and Centre for Translation and Comparative Cultural Studies at the University of Warwick.

"She teaches Caribbean Literature and 'From Text to Screen-- The Visualisation of Black and Asian Literature'.

Selected Publications:

‘The Impact of Indian Film in Trinidad’ in Sandra Courtman (ed.): Beyond the Blood, the Beach and the Banana (Ian Randle Publishers, 2004)

Fiction and Film -- The Influence of Cinema on Writers from Jamaica and Trinidad (Dido Press, 2003)

‘Auteur & Author -- A comparison of the works of Alfred Hitchcock and V.S. Naipaul’, Entertext, Volume 1, Number 3, Autumn 2001.

Lynne Macedo's on-going research interests include Anglophone Caribbean literature, the history of cinema in the Caribbean and Indian film in the Diaspora."