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Glimpse @ Leeds Lit Fest

Glimpse: The first Black British speculative fiction anthology at Leeds Lit Fest
Saturday 4 March, 4pm
Price: £5 + booking fee
Venue: The Leeds Library, 18 Commercial Street, Leeds, LS1 6AL
Book online

Join us at the Leeds Library as we celebrate the first Black British speculative fiction anthology with some of its contributing writers. The discussion will range from the process of writing material not of this world, and the increasing popularity of the speculative fiction genre in the African Diaspora and how it sits in the space of Black British literature.

Pete Kalu, Melissa Jackson-Wagner, Chantal Oakes and Ronnie McGrath will join chair Kadija Sesay, Publications Manager of the Inscribe series of anthologies.

As an anthology, Glimpse creates a dichotomy between the comfortable and the mysterious, providing a glimpse into hidden worlds and human nature; tantalizing in its mystique and refreshing in its insight into the minds of these exceptional Black British writers. It provides us with the opportunity to see what was previously unknown and to learn from what we see; to grow from what begins as a partial view but quickly transforms into the larger perspective. Secrets are uncovered; creatures are found; bodies buckle, whisper, float. In these stories we glimpse the dark and the light.

Book online via the Leeds Lit Fest website.

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