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Join us for the launch of Fortune by Amanda Smyth

Save the date: Wednesday 21 July 2021, 7pm BST. 
Where: TBC

We will be launching Fortune by Amanda Smyth with our friends at Renaissance One. Amanda will be in conversation with Managing Editor Jeremy Poynting, with special guests reading alongside the author.

About the book

Eddie Wade has recently returned from the US oilfields. He is determined to sink his own well and make his fortune in the 1920s Trinidad oil-rush. His sights are set on Sonny Chatterjee’s failing cocoa estate, Kushi, where the ground is so full of oil you can put a stick in the ground and see it bubble up. When a fortuitous meeting with businessman Tito Fernandez brings Eddie the investor he desperately needs, the three men enter into a partnership. A friendship between Tito and Eddie begins that will change their lives forever, not least when the oil starts gushing. But their partnership also brings Eddie into contact with Ada, Tito’s beautiful wife, and as much as they try, they cannot avoid the attraction they feel for each other. 

Fortune, based on true events, catches Trinidad at a moment of historical change whose consequences reverberate down to present concerns with climate change and environmental destruction. As a story of love and ambition, its focus is on individuals so enmeshed in their desires that they blindly enter the territory of classic Greek tragedy where actions always have consequences.

How to buy

The perfect summer read is available to pre-order now. Bookstores will have copies from 1 July 2021, but preorders made with us will be shipped as soon as we have copies in stock.

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