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Event: Taking Black Writers Seriously 2

Thursday 25 November 2021, 6-8pm GMT/UTC
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Are you a Black Writer in Britain interested in writing for TV and film? Then read on.

About this event

If you want to reach wide audiences with your writing, Taking Black Writers Seriously is an introductory session, with a Q&A, to find out why choosing a career to create and write feature films and drama series is now a good choice.

In addition, Alby James will be assessing the feasibility of a proposed workshop series for screenwriters next year.

Additional context

Alby James, of production company Dramatic Encounters, is considering offering a programme of workshops for writers in early 2022, if enough writers are interested. You would need to commit to 5 x 3-hour weekly Zoom sessions to kickstart your screenwriting journey.

At the end of the process you will get feedback on your project and those who demonstrate readiness for the next stage will be given an opportunity to develop their project further, with assistance.

This programme is suitable for writers with novel/memoir/short story mss that can be turned into scripts, as well as writers with original screenplay ideas.

Workshop details shared and supported by Kadija George Sesay of SABLE Litmag.


Before the event, Alby James has asked if you can listen to this 30 minute intervew:

Please listen to this 30 minute intervew before the event.

I’m sending you a link to an interview that Elvis Mitchell has done with actor, Rebecca Hall, on her writing and directing debut feature film, Passing, adapted from Nella Larson’s novel of the same name. I listen to Elvis’ programme, The Treatment on national public radio station KCRW.com in America every week as his obsession with story and film is the same as my own.

The Treatment explores with the directors, writers and sometimes actors, what the story is actually about, why the creator is interested in it and what insights the story and filmic interpretations the storyteller sought to bring to it to reflect a personal story. I know you will find this interesting and it is really a template for what I seek to discover from writers and in all films and series dramas that I watch.

Please give it a listen. It’s only half an hour. It will stimulate many questions and I look forward to hearing or seeing what you think.

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