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Merrie Joy Williams on London Book Fair 2018

This year through nominations by SABLE Lit Mag to The Literary Consultancy some Inscribe associated writers received free tickets to attend the prestigious London Book Fair, that took place 10-12 April at London Olympia. 

Staged annually, LBF sees more than 25,000 publishing professionals arrive in London for the week of the Fair to learn, network, and kick off their year of business. LBF also features an Author HQ designed for writers, and a range of opportunities for those wanting to know more about the industry.

Here's one of the Inscribe associated writers' impressions of the event:

London Book Fair was three days of interesting talks and networking. I also attended a few years back, when I focused equally on the stalls - key events seemed fewer and farther between, then. This year, however, there was an exciting range of talks to be enjoyed, sometimes overlapping time-wise; and after each one, amazing people and prospective colleagues to share information with.

My highlights included a lot of the Author HQ talks, particularly where agents and publishers shared how and why they commissioned particular books. In another, a panel of agents gave feedback on the pitches of six brave authors, whose material they had read beforehand. This was great to witness. Insights like these aren't really available through other mediums like magazines; and as an author who has just completed her own novel, the events helped to whip up excitement about the querying and submission process.

My one quibble was that Poet's Corner was open plan, so it was sometimes difficult to hear what was being said. I missed most of the contributions of one the writers I wanted to hear - Don Paterson. This is a shame because it was an exciting talk about the future of poetry - and is something the organisers will need to address next year.

But overall, thanks Inscribe for the tickets! It was a very exhausting few days - walking across such a huge site from event to event. But well worth it. I'd definitely recommend to other writers next year.

Merrie Joy Williams
Debut novelist, Poet, Writing Coach.

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