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Wheel N Come Again: Pelo Malo screening with spoken word

The Brunswick, 1-3 Holland Road, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 1JF, tel. 01273 733984

Inscribe-supported writer Akila Richards is involved in the exciting programme by WHEEL N COME AGAIN. with a curation and talks of film screenings by Cathy Hassan, Althea Wolfe, Issey Osman and Debbie Plenti alongside artist responses of performances, exhibition, photography and digital animation presented by Carla Amour, Leslie Marem, Tokini Fubara and Inscribe -supported writer Akila Richards. The films hail from the Caribbean, Africa, Americas, European Diaspora and our responses are as diverse as the multiple continents and countries and identities we live and express.

The next performance is on 5th October at The Brunswick, screening Pelo Malo (introduced by Maria Cabrera) with new spoken word performed by Akila.

For more information please see the event web page.

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