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The Whale House, reviewed by Shivanee Ramlochan for Caribbean Beat

Caribbean Beat's wonderful Caribbean Bookshelf column by Shivanee Ramlochan (March/April 2016) features a new review of Sharon Millar's collection of short stories, The Whale House.

Here's a brief excerpt:

"The Whale House takes no prisoners in its oceanic wake: everyone’s life, from mournful housewives to gun-strapped gangsters, is peered into; everyone’s confidences are capsised into the author’s confessional bowl. Millar unites the whole with a dazzling attention to language’s depths, suffusing her character descriptions and place evocations with a sensuous, restrained prose that feeds full-fathoms from the wild majesty of verdant ecosystems."

Read the original article here: http://caribbean-beat.com/issue-138/caribbean-bookshelf#axzz41fDj22nP

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