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Bookends' moving tribute to Hazel Campbell

Last Sunday's edition of Bookends in the Jamaica Observer had a wonderful tribute to Hazel Campbell, written by writer Erna Brodber.

Jamaican author Hazel Campbell, who died December 12, 2018, was eulogised at a service of thanksgiving at Church on the Rock, on January 5, 2019 by her friend, the writer Erna Brodber. Bookends shares the moving remembrance.


Hazel, afraid? The only thing I had known her to be afraid of was the water in the gully through which Selvin had to take her on their way to the hospital to deliver one of her babies. This was an organised lady who early decided what her life was to be about and she planned the path, hewed it out and smoothed it so that on her journey, she rarely butt her toe or was surprised by the debris in the way. She knew that the journey had a number of stages. Carried by her honesty she imagined with clarity the stages, rough or smooth, through which she had to go. Thus, her transitions were smooth. What she met on the 12th of December was just another stage which she knew she had to deal with at some time in her life: she was not afraid. She is not afraid. It is just another stage and another transition for which she had, as usual, prepared herself.

Previously, the newspaper had noted the high number of tributes sent in for Hazel.

Pick up a copy if you can or read it online (paywalled).

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