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#CaribbeanStrong: Jacqueline Bishop in conversation with Loretta Collins Klobah

In the first of a two-parter, Jacqueline Bishop has interviewed Puerto Rican poet Loretta Collins Klobah for the Bookends section of the Jamaica Observer.

Loretta talks about her collection Ricantations, and how Hurricane Maria inspired the title poem. She also discusses the situation for people still affected by the disaster:

As you probably know, as a result of the hurricanes that hit us last September, there are still many people in Puerto Rico without electricity, an income, potable water, food security, and a home with a roof. Puerto Rico was already dealing with governmental bankruptcy, austerity measures, and a US-imposed financial oversight board before the hurricanes hit. We have had a massive exodus of people leaving for the US.

But Loretta also speaks of hope and 'resurrection, Puerto Rican-style'.

The interview is followed by announcements celebrating the award nominations for Vahni Capildeo and Shivanee Ramlochan.

Pick up the 27 May issue to read the interview in full. Part 2 will follow the next weekend.

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