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The Digital Caribbean: As Flies to Whatless Boys

From The Digital Caribbean:

Characters within the storyline of As Flies To Whatless Boys work to show that documentation is largely unavoidable. Each figure grapples with the reality that each has left their own trace behind. There are a number of examples that support this claim. Marguerite utilizes writing as her sole means of communication. Willy’s father specializes in the field of papermaking. The case of Willy’s father is particularly interesting in that he reminds the reader that the material conditions required for the process of archivization (i.e. trees) are readily available and easily sustainable. While Willy’s father can be seen as a character that aims at a continued means for documentation, John Adolphus Etzler assumes the role of the adversary, actively seeking archival destruction in creating innovations that deplete forestation, and in effect deplete archival material conditions.

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