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Sharon Leach recommends 10 books in Jamaica Observer

Sharon Leach gives us a to-be-read pile with a difference:

I write to excavate what I know, but I read to find out what I don't. Without reading, therefore, there is no writing. For someone who makes their living by words, like me, reading is not just for pleasure; it is oxygen. Reading is breathing in, writing is breathing out.

So, this year will see a return to serious reading. But what to read? There are so many books, so little time. I read mostly fiction of varying genres and essay collections, but there are the occasional trade books and memoirs. In my Kindle alone, there are over 155 books languishing, whilst I have almost 500 unread books on parchment paper, each patiently waiting their turn. The predicament is, as you can imagine, real because, like the hundreds of titles in my Netflix queue, half the struggle is deciding which one is next on the agenda.

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