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Monique Roffey: Why we female Trinidadian writers are having our moment

Monique Roffey has written in The Guardian about the 'lit-boom' for Trinidadian women writers.

Something has happened in Trinidad, in our small but dense hothouse of a literary world. Perhaps it’s 12 years of the Bocas literary festival, or five waves of feminism, or maybe it’s to do with the internet opening up opportunities for those from developing countries, but in the last decade Trinidad has produced a host of outstanding female writers. It’s a trend that anyone in Caribbean literary circles knows about. Myself, Smyth, Allen-Agostini, Mohammed and others are part of a “lit-boom”, and most of this boom is female. We are finding ourselves on the global stage, on prestigious shortlists in North America and the UK. This huge generational and gender shift would have been unthinkable only 15 years ago.

Peepal Tree is proud to have published a number of Trini authors from the past and present - a number of whom are mentioned in the article - including Ira MathurBreanne Mc Ivor, Amanda SmythShivanee RamlochanVahni (Anthony Ezekiel) CapildeoSam SelvonEarl Lovelace and Monique herself. In its own editorial, The Guardian also mentions Merle Hodge and Jennifer Rahim.

You can read the article online at The Guardian website.

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