Peepal Tree Press and HopeRoad Publishing to join forces

Peepal Tree Press and HopeRoad Publishing are delighted to announce that from 1st February 2024 they are joining forces to secure and build on the diversity of independent publishing in the UK.

Peepal Tree Press and HopeRoad see in each other companies with a compatible ethos, backlists and complementary publishing identities.

The new agreement means that Peepal Tree will take responsibility for the physical production of HopeRoad’s titles, marketing and back-office operations. HopeRoad will retain ownership and control of its IP and its choices of new titles.

This process should run smoothly because both Peepal Tree and HopeRoad are represented by Inpress Ltd (funded by the Arts Council) and distributed by BookSource.

HopeRoad will be developing five new titles to add to Peepal Tree’s sixteen titles scheduled for 2024.

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