Peepal Tree Press statement in support of Publishers for Palestine

Peepal Tree Press supports the stand of nearly four hundred publishers from around the world who have joined the campaign Publishers for Palestine. We support the call for an immediate ceasefire and the return of all hostages, including all Palestinians held without trial by Israel. We uphold the right of Palestinians to safety and security, to national self-determination, and to freedom from occupation and apartheid repression by the Israeli state. We condemn the many ways, tacitly and explicitly, that the British Government and the Labour opposition have given support for Israel’s campaign of genocidal proportions in Gaza and their failure to hold the Israeli government to account for the ethnic cleansing taking place in the West Bank and, it is feared, in Gaza. We deplore the failure of the British government and Labour opposition to acknowledge that any meaningful two-state solution is impossible until the occupation ends, until Israel returns to pre-1967 boundaries, until Palestinians exiled by previous campaigns of ethnic cleansing have the right of return and Israeli state-supported Jewish settlements in the occupied territories are either evacuated or become part of Palestine. We uphold the right of Palestinians to elect their own leadership without interference from others. As publishers we affirm the right to free expression by writers and publishers to speak up against political injustices and oppression in this time of great tragedy. We mourn the deaths of so many in this long-standing conflict and hold hope for a quick and just solution.


The Peepal Tree Press team:

Hannah Bannister
Kwame Dawes
Rawan Eisa
Lucy Kent
Adam Lowe
Jeremy Poynting
Jacob Ross
Kadija Sesay
Dorothea Smartt

You can also read the Publishers for Palestine Statement for Solidarity, to which Peepal Tree Press is a signatory. A Free Palestine Reading List will go live on the Publishers for Palestine website at 29 November at 10am Palestine time (8am GMT/UTC), featuring books in nine languages!

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