Rommi Smith wins a Northern Writers Award for Poetry 2019!

We are thrilled to report that Rommi Smith is the winner of a Northern Writers Award for Poetry 2019. 

The Northern Writers’ Awards exist to recognise talent and support new work towards publication or broadcast,. This year 27 writers at different stages of their careers, share £55,000 worth of awards, including mentoring, developmental support and cash awards to buy time to write.

There are three winners for the poetry prizes, Penny Boxall, Sam Buchan-Watts and Rommi Smith. This year's judge for poetry was Don Paterson, here's what he said about Rommi's work,  "[...] the first clear prize winner I read when I was going through the entries [...] compelling and clearly compelled [...] tonnes of style, lots of effortless sentence variation, musical as hell, actually I'm loving this [....] sustained, fluid, dramatic, music of social history, music of sexual politics, music as a living [...] this was the one entry that annoyed me merely by finishing, so in order to guarantee the completion of Mornings and Midnights, I'm delighted to award the third Northern Writers' Prize for Poetry to Rommi Smith." 

Publisher and editor Jeremy Poynting said, 'It's hugely gratifying to see Rommi's talent and potential recognised in this way, and we're are eagerly looking forward to bringing this extraordinary collection to readers.'

Check out Rommi's work-in-progress, Poems from Mornings and Midnights 

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