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Interview: Leone Ross: 'Magic realism is just freakin’ fun'

Leone Ross gives an insightful new interview with Musa Okwonga, talking about writing, the sexualisation of women and the magic in the everyday:

I’m writing magic realism for a simple reason. It’s this: it’s fun. I was the kid who loved Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, who always loved weird crap, and so it took time for me to give myself permission to write weird crap. It took [reading] Toni Morrison and Gabriel Garcia Marquez at university for me to think, ‘oh my God, the adult version of weird crap, that’s so cool!’.

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Respects to New Beacon at 50


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Desiree Reynolds: We Are Still Writing against Ourselves

Why do our heroines have to be ‘beautiful’? Can a female character… just be? What is it saying about literature that we as women still produce, if our heroines have to be beautiful? Does it not say more about the society in which it’s written? I’ve recently been a part of a shortlisting process and the experience left me disturbed and depressed. I can’t begin to count the amount of times I was told, by a writer, how ‘beautiful’ the heroine was. How her ‘beauty’ then motivates the other characters and the story. What?

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Patrice Lawrence nominated for Costa Book Awards

Patrice Lawrence, who appears in our Inscribe title Closure: Contemporary Black British Short Stories (edited by Jacob Ross with series editor Kadija Sesay), has been shortlisted for the Costa Book Awards for her novel Orangeboy. Congrats, Patrice! We're crossing our fingers for you.

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Adam Lowe, Dean Atta and Maya Chowdhry at Outspoken 2017

Hosted by Inscribe-supported writer Adam Lowe (Young Enigma).

A very special showcase of queer spoken word,poetry and literature in the beautiful setting of Manchester Central Library.

Featuring the talents of Dean Atta, Paula Varjack, Gerry Potter and Maya Chowdhury.

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A Meeting of the Continents: International Poetry Night

Two New Beacon 50th Anniversary Events
On Saturday 3 December at the British Library

Changing Britannia: Through the Arts and Activism
The legacy of New Beacon Books, the UK’s first black publisher and bookshop
By Professor Gus John

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Maya Chowdhry looking for tech mentor for augmented reality project

Transmedia writer, poet and inTer-aCtive artist Maya Chowdhry is looking for a technology mentor to assist her with a research and development project investigating the use of augmented reality to produce an immersive live experience.

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The New Yorker profiles Ishion Hutchinson

The New Yorker's profile of Ishion Hutchinson is a wonderful read and a great look at his latest collection. In the review, his knack for language is compared to Blake's:

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Newcastle Centre for the Literary Arts presents Ishion Hutchinson & MacGillivray

Newcastle Centre for the Literary Arts presents
Ishion Hutchinson & MacGillivray
Tuesday 22 November 2016, 7.15pm, Culture Lab, Newcastle University

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Lynne E. Blackwood makes The Asian Writer shortlist

Lynne E. Blackwood has one of the short stories from her collection on The Asian Writer's competition shortlist. The story will also be in an anthology published by Dahlia Books in Spring 2017.

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