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Lauren Delapenha is in the building.

What is remarkable about this sentence is not Lauren Delapenha nor the obnoxious and unnecessary use of the third person, but the building. The lionshead knocker at 17 Kings Ave seemed reminiscent of Narnia, or Rastafarianism. When a smiling Jeremy Poynting opened the door and invited me inside, I found a place which was neither mythical land nor mystical religion but which was no less of a world in its own right.

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Inscribe writers make Poetry School Books of the Year list

'It’s been a superb year for "little shapelets" and their "sprinkling of white space",' begins Martha Sprackland in her intro to The Poetry School's Best Books of 2018.

Any Change: Poetry in a Hostile Environment, edited by Leeds poet Ian Duhig, includes a number of Inscribe-supported writers past and present. Khadijah Ibrahiim, Adam Lowe, Sai Murray and Seni Seneviratne all have work published in the anthology. They are joined by Peepal Tree poet Vahni Capildeo.

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#WATCH: 'Why Madwoman Shouldn't Read the News'

Shara McCallum has recorded her poem 'Why Madoman Shouldn't Read the News' to promote the anthology Here: Poems for the Planet.

Here: Poems for the Planet is an environmental poetry anthology from Copper Canyon Press, which lifts up the voices of Shara McCallum and 126 fellow poets writing about and for the imperiled earth. Pledge before Friday 21 December to get a copy of the book hot off the press this spring.

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Hazel D. Campbell 1940-2018, R.I.P.

13 December 2018

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Loretta Collins Klobah interviews Marcia Douglas for BOMB Magazine

Loretta writes:

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RIP George Parfitt

It's with deepest regret that we share the news of the death of George Parfitt. Undoubtedly our best customer for many years, George enthusiastically reported on what he read, all as part of his attempt to discover his Caribbean heritage as a white Trinidadian long in the UK.

Read George's obituary in The Guardian.

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Northern Book Prize 2019 now open

Image: Pixabay

Writers! The Northern Book Prize is open for entries, and we hope that you can submit.

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Gideon Coe's Late Night Book Club with author Anthony Joseph

Gideon Coe welcomed Anthony Joseph onto his Late Night Book Club to discuss writing, Lord Kitchener and Kitch.

Listen online.

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Lyric Essentials: Mia Leonin Reads Two Poems by Shara McCallum

Mia Leonin here reads “Madwoman’s Geography” and “From the Book of Mothers” by Shara McCallum. In the process of discussing these poems, we cover incredible ground. Are women permitted public rage? What is it in writing motherhood that is so challenging? Leonin touches on the risks of writing motherhood, the need to thrive in the wise wilderness of the unconscious, and what can only be referred to as McCallum’s songs.

Read more online.

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Call for subs: BIM, edited by Esther Phillips

Esther Phillips, as editor for BIM: Arts for the 21st Century, invites submissions for its March 2019 edition.

To enhance its accessibility (and affordability), BIM will also be switching to a primarily online presence, with a limited print presence.

The vision for BIM: Arts for the 21st Century has always been that it is a Caribbean magazine reaching out to the region, its diaspora and well beyond. That vision continues.

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