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Closure Event at Bradford Literature Festival

One day into this year's festival, the Closure: Contemporary Black British Short Stories event  explores the genesis of the anthology, the stories it holds and the tales it tells.

Closure editor Jacob Ross is joined by anthology authors Tariq Mehmood, Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi and Leone Ross in conversation with Emily Zobel Marshall on May 21st at the Bradford Literature Festival 2016.

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An Interview with Anthony Kellman

We caught up with Anthony Kellman to discuss research, King Ja Ja and the fine balance of historical fiction.

What first drew you to the story of Jubo Jubogha, King Jaja of Opobo?

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Readers and Writers Group, creative writing, mystery and suspense with Pete Kalu

This week's session (Saturday 14th may 4-6pm) will be a  practical writing one. Award-winning playwright, poet and novelist Pete Kalu will guide you through a creative 10 step exercise in mystery and suspense writing which will take your imagination and creativity to unexpected places as you explore the fear of the unknown...Here's a sneak peak at step one to get you started:

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Cultural Development Foundation honours John Robert Lee

We're proud to announce that writer John Robert Lee has been honoured by the Cultural Development Foundation.

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Writing prompts for Filigree

by Kadija Sesay

The writing that poets produced in our April Filigree workshop inspired and excited me enough to share the ideas that emerged with you! Consider these a last-minute guide to writing a poem for our forthcoming Filigree anthology.

We looked at the word 'filigree' from three angles: filigree as image, filigree as character, and filigree turned on its head and inside out.

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T&T Newsday profiles 'The Return of Questel & Huggins'

Head over to the Trinidad & Tobago Newsday for an article on 'The Return of Questel & Huggins'. The article details how Victor Questel's forthcoming Collected Poems will 'return him to his place among the key Caribbean poets of the 1970s and 80s'.

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News from Valda Jackson

Valda Jackson, one of our Inscribe-supported writers (who also appears in Closure), recently caught up with us to tell us about all the marvellous things she's been doing out in the world of literature and art.

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Peepal Tree at the NGC Bocas Lit Fest, Trinidad & Tobago

We're thrilled that a number of our writers, and our Managing Editor Jeremy Poynting, will all be present at this year's NGC Bocas Lit Fest - Trinidad & Tobago literary festival.

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Watch Rommi Smith perform 'Room of Mirrors' on the BBC

Rommi Smith performs her poem 'Room of Mirrors', which is based on interviews with people about what Africa means to them. Her performance is part of the BBC's Identity Live day.

Watch Rommi Smith perform 'Room of Mirrors' the BBC website.

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Possible training opportunity at the home of Caribbean and Black British Writing

The Arts Council of England has launched a new fund called Changemakers, an attempt to address the lack of diversity in employment in National Portfolio Organisations. The fund is intended to create opportunities for the development of potential leadership skills in arts organisations and is targeted exclusively at Black, ethnic minority and disabled persons. As an NPO we are eligible to apply for this fund in partnership with a named individual.

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