Cook-up in a Trini Kitchen
Cook-Up in a Trini Kitchen not only contains over 150 mouthwatering, Caribbean-flavoured recipes, but also beautiful watercolour paintings, drawings, poems, stories and anecdotes recounting experiences with food and cooking by the author, painter and poet, John Lyons.
John Lyons
ISBN number
Art & Art Criticism
Fiction, Short Stories
Country setting
Trinidad and Tobago
Publication date
19 Nov 2009

The culinary inspiration for this book comes from John Lyons’s all-abiding love of food and cooking as an added fulfilment to his diversely creative life. The recipes reflect the cultural fusion of the many nationalities that have played a part in the history of his native Trinidad and Tobago. The dishes range from the homely, traditional fare of his mother and grandmother, through to new recipes which are the results of his experimentation. 

Cook-up in a Trini Kitchen is a real feast of a book, not only for those who enjoy good food and cooking, it will also delight lovers of fine art, poetry and story-telling.

Contents include:
Snacks and Starters, Fish, Chicken, Meat, Soups, Vegetable Dishes, Rice, Pasta, Salads, Desserts, Drinks, Marinades, Sauces, Poetry, Watercolours, Poems, Anecdotes and much more!

John Lyons was born in Trinidad. An award-winning painter and poet, he now shares with you his passion for food and cooking.

John Lyons

John Lyons was born in Trinidad. He came to the UK many years ago, and lives in Ely. He has established a reputation as a fine poet, a successful artist and an imaginative cook. John's latest book, Dancing in the Rain is shortlisted for the prestigious CLPE (CLiPPA) Award) – the only award for poetry published for children.
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