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Crossroads of Dream

Anson Gonzalez’s prose poems criss-cross the crossroads between dream and conscious awareness.


Anson Gonzalez
Trinidad and Tobago
Date published
10 May 2005

They set the reader on a surreal adventure into the mental journeys of a persona for whom the inner and outer worlds are a seamless universe. There is no order to the presentation of the prose poems; they take their own twists and turns. The poems are lyrical, tell stories and explore a lifetime of reflective concern with life’s conundrums: love, ageing, finding an inner purpose, being Trinidadian -- and sometimes feeling out of step with the temper of the times. These poems are the work of one who hears a different drummer and their tone is sometimes sardonic, and even cynical -- though always with a wry, self-deprecating humour. Above all, the twinkle in the tone suggests a healthy appreciation for humour of fickle fate or capricious gods. While there is ultimately no didactic purpose -- the mind leads and the poet follows -- these globules of consciousness in action both illuminate and delight.

Anson Gonzalez is a Trinidadian poet, critic, publisher and encourager of countless writing careers.

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Anson Gonzalez

Anson Gonzalez began his career as a poet in the 1960s. Since then his poems have been published in numerous journals, newsletters, newspapers, and anthologies. In the early ’70s he began his life’s work of promoting poetry and the literary culture of the Caribbean, and Trinidad and Tobago in particular.

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