The Crying of Rainbirds
Torn between despair over 'the rancid taste of life on the island' and attachment to the 'irresistible, green island days', the characters in these short stories inhabit a Caribbean they find it impossible to live in, yet impossible to live without.
N.D. Williams
ISBN number
Fiction, Short Stories
Country setting
Imaginary Caribbean
Publication date
01 Jul 1991

They dream of being inviolable and whole, but live in situations which are frequently on the edge of disorder and personal threat. Yet there is nothing wearily pessimistic about the tone of this collection. Williams's stories, like his characters, are intensely alive. Their individual voices button-hole us and won't let us go. Their tales are sad, but what passion they have in their pursuit of meaning!

'In Williams' brilliant final story... the urge to find release and return is given mystical and memorable expression...' Liberation.

N.D. Williams is Guyanese and lives in New York. In 1976 his novel Ikael Torass won the prestigious Casa de las Americas prize.


N.D. Williams

N.D. Williams was born in Guyana in 1942. He went to Jamaica as a research student to study at Mona in the late 1960s and was very much involved in the student/youth uprising of the Rodney affair in 1968. He writes of being powerfully influenced by the radical, nativist currents in Jamaican culture - reggae and yard theatre - of this period. He had stories published in Jamaica Journal and Savacou and in the anthologies, One People’s Grief (1983) and Best West Indian Stories.
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