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The Festival of Wild Orchid

Here are poems alert to contemporary Jamaica in all its contradictions. Lyric and musical poems find fresh things to say about the beauties of landscape, sea shores, the joys and pains of love, and the novelty of the world as discovered by a young child.


Ann-Margaret Lim
Date published
15 Sep 2012

Poems of pungent phrase and arresting image respond frankly to the poverty, sharp social divisions, endemic violence and misogyny that blight Jamaican lives. Written in both standard Caribbean English and Jamaican patois, the poems reveal an engaging poetic persona, feisty and questioning, who sees her world with wit and insight. The shaping of that persona is explored in poems that reflect on a Chinese and African Jamaican heritage and on experiences good and bad. Ann-Margaret Lim brings an individual vision to her observations, so her Jamaica is both recognisable and new.

As featured in Ebony Magazine: 6 Caribbean Writers to discover this summer 

“A significant first collection, shaping sympathy and indignation. It presents alert responses to social disparity, love, death and the natural world. It commemorates ancestors, mothers, artists, mentors and the ineffable, ‘sprinkling / the dust of poems’.”

Ann-Margaret Lim lives in Red Hills Jamaica. She has been published in journals, anthologies and her country’s two major newspapers.

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Ann-Margaret Lim

Ann-Margaret Lim lives in Red Hills Jamaica.

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