Data and Big-Bye begin their arranged marriage as strangers, sexually ignorant and under the eagle eye of Big-Bye's domineering mooma. She wants Data to be a proper Hindu doolahin, a modest, obedient daughter- in-law.
Rooplall Monar
ISBN number
Fiction, Novel
Country setting
Publication date
01 Jul 1989

He, still under his mooma's apron strings, regards Data as his sexual plaything. Data has other ideas and her struggle for independence sets off janjhat in the house. The couple's hesitant steps towards understanding are set at the heart of an acute portrayal of a community in deep cultural crisis. Monar gives us unique access to the lives of Indo-Caribbean workers: their hopes and despairs, their religiosity, their poetry, their bawdiness, their sense of cultural continuity and their awareness that their world has changed. Rich and energetic in language, this is a novel which speaks from the midst of the world it describes.


Rooplall Monar

Rooplall Monar was born in a mud floor logie on the Lusignan sugar estate, East Coast Demerara, in 1945. His parents were both caneworkers, and his mother continued to work on her own ground provision plot daily, long after she retired. The family moved to Annandale Village in 1953 to a houselot with its own plot. This, much extended over the years, remains Monar's home. He attended Lusignan Government school, Buxton Congregational School, Hindu College and Annandale Evening College. He has worked as a teacher, accounts clerk, freelance journalist, broadcaster and practitioner of folk healing (herbal cures).
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