'Bagoo has an imagination which refuses to be anchored'

Written by Areeb Ahmad for bankrupt_bookworm on Saturday, November 14th, 2020

Bagoo has an imagination which refuses to be anchored. It soars high in the sky, parting air to gather the minute flotsam which act as the nexus around which are built magnificent cloudcastles. It then digs deep into the earth, bringing up unknown gems from the ground to adorn his wispy creations. He is a quite a consummate critic and essayist, overturning assumptions on their heads while crafting new ways of looking at various phenomena. Queerness, his own and of other artists, is a topic worth much exploration for him and he attempts to queer the archives, rescuing the person in question from the straitjacket of society and illuminating their full lives. He is also deft at making connections, employing personal anecdotes as jumping off points, revealing an astute mind capable of weaving together disparate threads of thought into a a seamless tapestry. While to subjects of the essays collected here is truly wide-ranging, they all reflect Bagoo's complex lived reality in the way they refer to each other, as lines get duplicated in a display of intertextuality.