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Bookshelf (Mar/Apr 2019)

Written by Shivanee Ramlochan for Caribbean Beat Magazine, Issue 156 on Friday, March 1, 2019

As daringly necessary a series of stories about cross-border movements as Britain presently needs, The Ice Migration sinks its roots into the land, exploring the intertwined bloodlines of an Indo-Jamaican family caught up in the rigours of indentureship. Spanning a century of slavery’s clutches, migration as escape route, duppies who work mischief and offer comforts alongside the living, and the keeping and shattering of secrets, these tales are acts of ambitious cartography, showing in exquisite diction how spirits converge where unfinished business — and blood debts — linger, haunting the earth as much as those who walk it. From the bullock carts of Calcutta to the rag-and-bone man’s Southall horse and cart, we are transported by these tellings.

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