Bosom of the beast

Written by Glenville Ashby, PhD for Kaieteur News Online on Sunday, August 5th, 2018

Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné delivers a wrenchingly knifing confessional.

Embedded in a matrix of imageries, Doe Songs careens through the senses and leaves us nakedly troubled. The human psyche is split and pleads for healing, if at all possible.

We are tossed into the abyss of the unconscious, where dreams and reality lose their identity; where humanity is subsumed by nature’s primal call and where time, as we know it, surrenders to non-time.
In this shape-shifting labyrinth there is only the present. We must flow along the ever-changing currents of life, guarding against the forces poised to snatch our freedom.


At the cusp of inviduation, Boodoo-Fortuné is resolute, unswervingly focused and compelling, ever speaking to the blinding darkness that is the human condition. With sheer intensity, she delivers a work of unbridled imagination.