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Butterfly In The Wind

Written by n/a for Sunday Gleaner on no date provided

Peepal Tree Press continues to provide an outlet for the budding West Indian writer even if many of the writers are now resident in England. This newly published book is by a Trinidadian writer as her first novel is a vivid description of the early years of a young school-girl who does not accept things as she is told in class and in her schoolbooks but questions them and fantasises about different possible answers. The story also portrays the carelessness to be found in the system with the loss of an important file. Important in that it contained the application form for a place in an overseas university.

The story is told vividly, convincingly and memorably and while it is about a child, sufficient information is given about the life of adults to broaden the scene. It will certainly appeal to all of Indian birth not to forget the army of Indians and Muslims living in England.

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