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Connecting Medium

Written by Maria Williams for Calabash, Issue 16 on no date provided

At last Dorothea Smartt, one of the best poets on the performance circuit has her own collection. My one complaint to the publishing world has to be ‘What took you so long?’ Dorothea Smartt has been working hard on the scene, performing, teaching and writing. This book is a distillation of that work through Smartt’s creativity and growth as a poet. Fans will recognise many favourites from Smartt’s performance set, including one of my own, 'I’m in the Market for Hair', written when she was poet in residence in Brixton Market. There’s also the Medusa poems, offering a new perspective on women in dreads.

Don’t misunderstand me, this isn’t a book about hair, or for that matter performance. Smartt’s poems work just as well on the page and this has to be an essential for poetry fans.

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