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Day 14 of the Paper Based Bookshop #AdventCalendar

Written by Amílcar Presi Sanatan for Paper Based Bookshop on Friday, December 14, 2018

I recommend Colin Robinson’s You Have You Father Hard Head. It is a portrait of a gay black Trinidadian man with literary and living experiences in multiple geographies – at home and “abroad” – that gives beauty to the vulnerabilities and tenderness of masculinity. Most powerfully, he highlights ambitions and observations on the long journey of development for a poet in the Caribbean. The collection contemplates manhood and its standards, sexuality, HIV/AIDS, mother-son relationships and issues of citizenship textured by race and gender. The book is rife with the symbolism of the phallus and Robinson reimagines this metaphor, more than just a sign of physical power and male prowess but with nuance, as a marker of terror and joy with multiple meanings at different points in his life.

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