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The Ghost of Bellow's Man

Written by Chris Searle for Morning Star on no date provided

Downriver in Georgetown, Guyana’s coast-hugging capital, Sasenarine Persaud in his Ghost of Bellow’s Man, describes the frustrated life of a man dangling within one of the ‘crippled communities’ that Harris expresses through the symbolic language of Resurrection at Sorrow Hill. Yet for Persaud, the community is absolutely real, as all around him society is falling to pieces under the communalism and corruption of government - transparently the clannish and often brutal regime of ex-president Forbes Burnham. In a very different style - meditative, humorous, strongly descriptive - Persaud’s cogent and sharply focused novel finds a certain parallel with the elemental symbolism of Harris, as his protagonist Raj, a reluctant schoolteacher, finally concludes: ‘What we’ve got to have in this place is people who will tell us the truth.’

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