Nourishing the hunger: Jane Trowell talks to poet Sai Murray about his collection Ad-Liberation

Written by Jane Trowell for Red Pepper on

'Ad-Liberation tracks Sai's journey, and so can inspire our own. He writes with humour, angry-yet-calm honesty and also barefaced cheek. Comic wordplay runs through the volume, which Sai uses to build a picture of a complex web of interrelationships– how racism works with capitalism, how legacies of empire live on, how the manipulative language of mass media seeks our souls, how our planet's ecology is inseparable from social justice, how poetry and poetics can change the story, how individual experience forms consciousness. The poems use human everyday life: what it's like to perform to three people, or have a near miss falling off your bike. Or, to make sense of acutely shameful feelings about how White people see your Black father. By richly interweaving the personal and fallible with the dramatic and the political, the anthology doesn't fall into the traps which can be common pitfalls for activist art.'