Is Saklatvala’s Influence Fully Understood? A review of Marc Wadsworth’s Comrade Sak

Written by Sean Creighton for History & Social Action on Friday, January 8th, 2021

Marc’s book is not just a political biography about a complex individual with both weaknesses and strengths, it is a political education tool. As an anti-racist activist and a co-founder of the Black Sections of the Labour Party, Marc links Sak’s life with the continuing struggle for Black (African, Asian & Caribbean) rights and social justice and alliances between Black, Asian and white organisations based on Black and Asian self-organisation and self-determination. It is therefore essential reading as part of the on-going Black Lives Matters debate.

As a professional journalist Marc’s book is very readable for the general public and therefore a welcome addition to the collection of anyone interested in knowing more about a fascinating aspect of Britain’s hidden history.