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'a skilled and talented novelist'

Written by John Robert Lee for Facebook on Friday, December 6, 2019

I just now finished this novel. Great read. Really well done. Barbara Jenkins is a skilled and talented novelist. What particularly struck me was how expertly she paid attention to all kinds of details: places, characters, food, dress, flora, streets of Port of Spain. This novel is in the line of the best of Sam Selvon and Earl Lovelace. Trinidadian language throughout, real places, events and people give it a historical quality of contemporary Trinidad. Interesting main character, Indira - of British parentage, grew up in India and passed through some horrendous experiences after her parents died (tastefully and compassionately written) - comes to Trinidad with her lover Solomon, who then abandons her. All that follows, the other characters, the story lines and sub-plots, make a great and absorbing read. This novel deserves more critical attention and wider readership. Accessible to all readers of any culture.

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