Sounding out resistance

Written by George Goddard for ACALABASH on Thursday, September 30th, 2021 is simply the extraordinarily penetrating regard of a young poet using the medium of verse to explain being to himself, and perhaps not unintentionally, to us.


Vladimir Lucien grabs our attention and allows us to soberly consider his themes with effective use of our various Caribbean “Englishes”. In large part, the language of Vladimir’s poetry is Saint Lucian and Caribbean English, interspersed with Saint Lucian Kwéyòl. This can be deceptive. Some may not appreciate the depth and import of ideas being distilled in any but the formal English, French or Spanish of our colonial experience. But it is precisely because this collection seeks to clear polished windows of perceptions that die hard, that this first collection is significant and its language incisive.

The absolutely beautiful and potent effect of Caribbean idiom, imagery and metaphor is breathtaking...