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Written by Arifa Akbar for The Pool on Friday, May 12, 2017

I've got my hands on an early copy of this collection of short stories by the Scottish Jamaican author and I've been struck by how well she writes eroticism, and how much guilt-free joy there is in the sex lives of her characters - almost invariably bold, open, women of colour. There aren't many authors who can take you beyond the bedroom door and show the mechanics of sex, in every last eye-watering detail, and still infuse all the bodily functions with heart and humour, and what feels like authenticity, without the schmaltzy romance or the soulless cynicism that accompany erotic writing nowadays. Not every story is about sex - I'm story hopping right now and only reading the racier ones - but they are so worth reading for the shame-free female pleasure that they embody. Put it on your TBR list now.

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