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Tomorrow is Another Day

Written by Chris Searle for Liberation on no date provided

Namala Shewcharan’s Tomorrow is Another Day talks in a different, more standard English, [in comparison to Monar’s stories] about events two decades later when Guyana was held in the crude vice of Burnham and his party.

Jagru leaves the opposition party and decides to seek power and advancement as a paid official of the corrupt governing party. Suddenly life seems more comfortable: even the incessant queueing routines are relieved, and work itself becomes relaxed, time-serving and a networking of powerful contacts.

Yet corruption also feeds upon itself and in such a regime’s grasp ‘all are beggars at the gate’. Jagru begins to ask the basic questions which take him towards his fall and his death: ‘Why were the people not getting any benefit? Why were projects not getting developed? Where was the money going?’ Shewcharan’s novel is an anatomy of corruption in a Caribbean Tyranny only recently overcome. Together with Monar’s luminous stories, it shows true aspects of the region’s postcolonial pain with insight and instruction.

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