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When Grandpa Cheddi was a Boy

Written by Anon for Guyana Chronicle on no date provided

'When Grandpa Cheddi was a Boy’, the first collection of children’s stories written by First Lady Mrs Janet Jagan, was launched at State House on Tuesday afternoon. Mrs Jagan who began writing stories as birthday presents for her grandchildren, has dedicated the book to them and her children Cheddi Jr and Nadira.

‘A collection of stories which will delight children all over the world and give them a sense of the magical beauty of Guyana’s landscape and the humanity of its peoples’, is how Dr David Dabydeen, of the London-based publishers [sic], Peepal Tree Books, describes it. Popular cartoonist Mr Paul Harris did the ‘lifelike’ illustrations which accompany the stories.

The launching ceremony was attended by representatives from book stores, university lecturers, writers and friends of the author. Mrs Jagan specially thanked the artist and National Poet Mr Martin Carter, who she said ‘introduced her to Guyanese literature’. Guests were also treated to a reading by the First Lady, of one of the stories, ‘Who Was The Laziest Sloth?’

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