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South Eastern Stages


Anthony Kellman
Pan Caribbean, United States of America, Barbados
Date published
30 Aug 2012

Ranging from his native Barbados, across the Southern States (particularly Georgia, where he lives) and taking Caribbean perceptions to Brazil, journeying – by bus, by plane (and remembering earlier passages on the slave ship) – is seen as a truth of twenty-first century existence and a metaphor that is constantly refreshed by warmly empathetic observations of people at different stages in their passage through life. To travel with Kellman is to delight in his eye for the “polyphony in the common salt”, the pleasures he finds even in the most casual of meetings, though he also knows that “nature’s ears are kinder than men’s”. Whether in conversational free verse, or the regularities of his Tuk verse forms, Anthony Kellman’s poetry engages with a felicity of phrase, surprising but apt comparisons and the musicality of his lines.

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Anthony Kellman

Anthony Kellman was born in Barbados in 1955, educated at Combermere School, at UWI (Cave Hill) and in the U.S. A poet, novelist, and musician, he is the originator of the Barbados poetic form, Tuk Verse, based on the rhythms of Tuk, the island's indigenous music.

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