Ten Days in Jamaica
Chips makes no bones about the fact that her holiday in Jamaica is about using her white skin and money to find some beach-boy sex, but does Yvonne, coming “home” to recover from her cancer, behave any differently when she starts an affair with Donovan, her odd-jobbing handyman?
Ifeona Fulani
ISBN number
Fiction, Short Stories
Country setting
United States of America
Publication date
15 Nov 2012

Is there some truth in Arjun’s accusation that Jewel has used him to pursue her black Londoner’s dream of an exotic India? Where do responsibility and freedom begin and end in Bea’s relationship with her adolescent daughter, Daria, about to make her first hesitant sexual explorations? The stories offer no easy answers to such questions, only the means to greater understanding and empathy for their characters’ motivations.

“Ifeona Fulani’s stories are elegant, witty, sad and brave. Their powerful sense of place transports the reader to the landscapes, colours, foliage and food of Jamaica and India, seen with brilliant immediacy. The social observations are acute, the contrasts of cultures subtly drawn, the characters alive. She has given a personal voice to women and men from the post-colonial world from whom we hear too little. This is a very enjoyable collection.” Margaret Drabble

Poignant and beautiful stories of missed opportunities for love, displacements, longings, and migrations both physical and of the heart. Ifeona Fulani is a gifted writer whose work is as lyrical as fables and as true as the world around us.” Edwidge Danticat

Jamaican-born Ifeona Fulani is author of a novel, a children’s story and a screenplay. She lives in New York. Ten Days in Jamaica is her first collection of short stories.


Ifeona Fulani

Ifeona Fulani is the author of Seasons of Dust (1997) and Archipelagos of Sound: Transnational Caribbeanities, Women and Music. She has also written a children’s story, Visitors, and a screenplay based on a novel by James Baldwin, On Beale Street.
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