Weighted Words
An Anthology of Creative Writing by the Peepal Tree Inscribe Readers and Writers Group
Jacob Ross
ISBN number
Publication date
18 Mar 2021

From the colonial idea of ‘British’ tea; the demasculinising experience of infertility in a Jamaican family; a Black woman being both tourist and tourist attraction on her travels in South Asia, and what it meant to be ‘everybody’s midwife’ in an institutionally racist NHS, through to the experience of an Indian migrant child in the ‘country of 'the oppressor’ -- these are just a few of the themes explored in Weighted Words a new anthology by Peepal Tree Press’ Readers and Writers Group.
The group comprises writers living in Leeds and West Yorkshire. Through poetry, short stories, confessionals and memoirs, contributors interrogate race, gender, relationship with self and with family, as well as identity in contemporary Britain. Moments of self-reflection sit alongside longer accounts of familial conflicts, personal struggles, and the enduring repercussions of marginalisation.

Edited by Jacob Ross, Weighted Words includes the work of established poets like Malika Booker, Khadijah Ibrahiim and Sai Murray alongside previously unpublished writers. Here, a dazzling mix of fresh perspectives and backgrounds mesh and complement each other in a powerful collage of individual experiences, giving rise to a rich and wide-ranging anthology.


Jacob Ross

Jacob Ross has been hailed as ‘a writer of formidable technical range and emotional depth’. He is Associate Fiction Editor at Peepal Tree Press.
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