The Wild Ones
An impactful story about the heroism of surviving on the social periphery.
Antonio Ramos Revillas
ISBN number
Publication date
24 Sep 2024
Fifteen-year-old Efraín and his two younger brothers live in a house on the hillside in Monterrey, Northern Mexico. They are left to fend for themselves after their mother is wrongly arrested for theft. Now it falls to Efraín to clear Má’s name and to look out for his younger brothers, too. Má has raised her boys to keep out of trouble with the local gangs and tostudy for their future, but they are viewed by society as good-for-nothings or criminals simply because of where they live. And with their Má now in prison, the only people offering any kind of support are the local gang members – but everything come with a price tag. The author portrays the difficulties of trying to make something of yourself when society’s expectation for your life is set by who you are and where you come from.

Antonio Ramos Revillas

Antonio Ramos Revillas is a Mexican author of books for adults and your
people. In 2015 he was selected to participate in the Mexico 20 project
by the Hay Festival. The project brought together twenty Mexican writers
under the age of forty and paired them with British translators, resulting
in the Mexico 20 anthology, published by Pushkin Press. Antonio has
received numerous regional and national awards for his writing.
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