The Wintering Kundalini
Persaud enriches Caribbean poetry by bringing to it new dimensions of imagery and philosophical tradition from his Indian ancestry. The imagery of cobra and Kundalini from Tantric Yoga mesh with a political and personal engagement with both Guyana and more recently Canada.
Sasenarine Persaud
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01 Apr 2002

He draws on the vast repertory of stories and characters from the Puranas, the Ramayana and the Mahabarata as pertinently as other Caribbean poets have drawn on archetypes drawn from ancient Greek or Biblical sources. His passage from Guyana to Canada and contact with the wider South Asian diaspora both draws him towards a broader sense of 'Indianness' and leads him to reflect on the unique Indo-Guyaneseness of his formative years. This is a meeting of a thoroughly modern sensibility with the riches of an ancient tradition. Persaud is a poet who, in the words of Howard Fergus in The Caribbean Writer, has to be taken seriously as an 'architect of the subconscious'.


Sasenarine Persaud

Sasenarine Persaud is the author of twelve books: nine poetry collections, including Demerary Telepathy (Peepal Tree, 1989) and The Wintering Kundalini (Peepal Tree); two novels published by Peepal Tree Press, Dear Death and The Ghost of Bellow's Man, and a collection of short fiction, Canada Geese and Apple Chatney. His awards include: the KM Hunter Foundation Award (Toronto), the Epstein Fellowship at Boston University, from which he has a Master's in Creative Writing, and fiction and poetry awards from The Canada Council and the Ontario Arts Council. Persaud was born in Guyana and has lived in Canada for several years. He presently resides in Florida.
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