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Hendree's Cure Moses Nagamootoo
Dark Swirl Cyril Dabydeen
Huracan Diana McCaulay
High House and Radio Rooplall Monar
Here Raymond Ramcharitar
Ground Level Jennifer Rahim
The Godmother and other Stories Jan Lowe Shinebourne
Inkle and Yarico Beryl Gilroy
Gather the Faces Beryl Gilroy
You Alone are Dancing Brenda Flanagan
The Wizard Swami Cyril Dabydeen
The Wild Coast Jan Carew
Whom the Kiskadees Call Churaumanie Bissundyal
The Elect Sharlow Mohammed
Earthquake Andrew Salkey
Duppies Lloyd Brown
Timepiece Jan Lowe Shinebourne
Drought Andrew Salkey
Demerary Telepathy Sasenarine Persaud
Sounding Ground Vladimir Lucien
The Coming of Lights Vishnu Gosine
Seduce Desiree Reynolds
Sections of an Orange Anton Nimblett
Sastra Lakshmi Persaud
Butterfly In The Wind Lakshmi Persaud
Providential Colin Channer
Prash and Ras N.D. Williams
Black Lightning Roger Mais
Birthright Kendel Hippolyte
Pepperpot Sharon Millar
Approaching Sabbaths Jennifer Rahim
New Day V. S. Reid
Navel String Adrian Augier
Against Linearity Earl McKenzie
Leaving Atlantis Esther Phillips
The Last Enchantment Neville Dawes
‐ Home of the Best in Caribbean & Black British Writing ‐