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Class Divisions

The Bone Readers Jacob Ross
The Repenters Kevin Jared Hosein
Tracing JaJa Anthony Kellman
Take My Word for It Ralph Thompson
Huracan Diana McCaulay
The Houses of Alphonso Anthony Kellman
Hope's Hospice Kwame Dawes
High House and Radio Rooplall Monar
The Hangman's Game Karen King-Aribisala
Ground Level Jennifer Rahim
The Godmother and other Stories Jan Lowe Shinebourne
Inkle and Yarico Beryl Gilroy
You Alone are Dancing Brenda Flanagan
Years of Fighting Exile Milton Williams
The Woolgatherer Cecil Gray
Woman Song Jean Goulbourne
The Wizard Swami Cyril Dabydeen
The Wild Coast Jan Carew
Whom the Kiskadees Call Churaumanie Bissundyal
Web of Secrets Denise Harris
Water With Berries George Lamming
Excavation Jean Goulbourne
View from Mount Diablo Ralph Thompson
The View from Belmont Kevyn Alan Arthur
The Elect Sharlow Mohammed
Eldorado West One Sam Selvon
Duppies Lloyd Brown
Tomorrow is Another Day Narmala Shewcharan
Dog-Heart Diana McCaulay
Ten Days in Jamaica Ifeona Fulani
The Crucifixion Ismith Khan
Cosmic Dance Harischandra Khemraj
Sounding Ground Vladimir Lucien
The Coral Rooms Anthony Kellman
Snowscape With Signature Abdhur Rahman Hopkinson
Singerman Hazel Campbell
Shades of Grey Garth St. Omer
Seduce Desiree Reynolds
The Children of Sisyphus Orlando Patterson
Riot Andrew Salkey
Providential Colin Channer
Prophets Kwame Dawes
Progeny of Air Kwame Dawes
Prash and Ras N.D. Williams
Birthright Kendel Hippolyte
Pepperpot Sharon Millar
Berbice Crossing Cyril Dabydeen
Backdam People Rooplall Monar
Of Age and Innocence George Lamming
Angel Merle Collins
Nor any Country Garth St. Omer
Night Vision Kendel Hippolyte
New Day V. S. Reid
An Absence of Ruins Orlando Patterson
Mrs. B Elizabeth Walcott-Hackshaw
Against Linearity Earl McKenzie
Moving On Ralph Thompson
Ad-liberation Sai Murray
Limestone Anthony Kellman
The Last Ship Jan Lowe Shinebourne
The Last English Plantation Jan Lowe Shinebourne
The Last Enchantment Neville Dawes
Johnson's Dictionary David Dabydeen
Jacko Jacobus Kwame Dawes
‐ Home of the Best in Caribbean & Black British Writing ‐