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The Repenters Kevin Jared Hosein
The Houses of Alphonso Anthony Kellman
Hope's Hospice Kwame Dawes
Here Raymond Ramcharitar
Years of Fighting Exile Milton Williams
The Woolgatherer Cecil Gray
Woman Song Jean Goulbourne
Whom the Kiskadees Call Churaumanie Bissundyal
Eldorado West One Sam Selvon
Earthquake Andrew Salkey
Tomorrow is Another Day Narmala Shewcharan
Dog-Heart Diana McCaulay
The Crucifixion Ismith Khan
Snowscape With Signature Abdhur Rahman Hopkinson
Singerman Hazel Campbell
The Children of Sisyphus Orlando Patterson
Riot Andrew Salkey
Butterfly In The Wind Lakshmi Persaud
Birthright Kendel Hippolyte
Berbice Crossing Cyril Dabydeen
Backdam People Rooplall Monar
Nor any Country Garth St. Omer
Night Vision Kendel Hippolyte
Navel String Adrian Augier
Against Linearity Earl McKenzie
The Last Ship Jan Lowe Shinebourne
‐ Home of the Best in Caribbean & Black British Writing ‐